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Adjustable Copyholder-Black

Price: $42.95
Item Number: KCS10192
Warranty Information: 90 Day Limited Warranty
Shipping Lead Time: Up to 7-14 Days
• Reduces eye and neck strain by elevating
  paper documents off the work surface

• Ergonomic adjustments include height, angle, and rotation

• Sturdy base unit keeps the copy holder in place while in use

• Curved tray reduces overhead glare and improves sight lines

• Extra-wide paper ledge holds over fifty sheets of paper

• Spring-assisted transparent line guide for easier visualization
  of text while typing

• Adjustable horizontal line guide helps keeps everything in place

• Line guide can be used on either side of the tray

• Rear copy clip and pencil holder keeps stapled or
   folded items from falling off the tray

• Made of durable plastic

• Product Size:  16"H x 9"W x 6"D

• Product Weight:  3.35lbs

• Product Color:  Black