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Viscoflex 19" Memory Foam Wrist Rest Non-Skid Strip

Price: $21.95
Item Number: KCS50100
Warranty Information: 90 Day Limited Warranty
Shipping Lead Time: Up to 7-14 Days
• Helps keep your wrist and palms in a neutral position
  while typing helping reduce repetitive stress injuries

• Positive angled with contour edges

• Memory foam conforms to your wrist helping reduce pressure
  on your wrists and minimize movement

• Aegis™ Microbe Shield Anti-Microbial protection
  minimizing environmental contamination

• Non-skid base keeps the pad in place
  allowing free movement of your hands

• Product Dimensions:    19"W x 2.5"D x .75"H

• Product Weight:    0.75 lbs.

• Color:   Black

• Warranty:  90 Days